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When managed well , conflict can provide the tools we need to foster stronger relationships
organization-wide holistic and integrated conflict management system - with dialogue at the center - they merge to become a highly effective remedy to dysfunctional workplace conflict .
A resolution revolution
The key word for me - no matter the route to resolution chosen - is dialogue . Without dialogue conflicts worsen and become dysfunctional . With dialogue they can be resolved .
As leaders we should champion a personcentered , values-based approach for managing conflict at work . I work with organizations all the time which are rejecting litigation-inspired models of the past and are embracing a more flexible , humanizing , and common-sense approach to conflict management . Many are going a step further and embedding the principles of mediation , dialogue , empathy , interest-based problem solving and positive psychology across their organizations .
It is time to rid our organizations of the toxic disputes which are draining our people and organizations . We must put human relationships and importantly , dialogue , back into the core of our organizations . ■
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David Liddle is founding President of the People and Culture Association ( PCA ), author and speaker . He is CEO and chief consultant at The TCM Group and author of Managing Conflict | Kogan Page 2nd Edition .
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